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Sphere on Spiral Stairs

How it Works Guidelines

-Each card has value. Value will be determined by factors such as;

market cap, price, popularity, real world utility. 


- Cards are locked for 3years from date of purhcase and cannot be redeemed during this time. Afterwards,  a early supporter /  card collector,  if they wish,  can fill out submission form on this website. Enter key information ie:  date of purchase, name.. wallet address etc etc...  wait for reply, mail in cards with printed submission / list form  ( provided on the website).     


-If a early support can't provide proof of date of purchase, but can provide some key information. We will assign one.


-Some cards will die and be worthless, just like real world crypto projects. 


- Inside retail and collectors packs some individuals will find high value cards. limited series cards. all payout will be in form of stablecoins. 



Inside each retail and collector packs of  cards - high value hologram card 's are guarantee.  ( cash value   $1.oo - $777.oo and higher). Other iconic limited series high value inserts will also be randomly inserted into the packs.  There are bonus insert cards   2X ,  3X , & 5X  Collect one of these multiplying cards, link it  to any other card, & cash it out.   

      Every 365 days,  cards increase in value.  ( The mechanism used for determining this increase is under review ). Roughly anywhere from 2% - 12%.  So,  the longer you HodL them,  the greater cash value potential.  






In short,  a major problem plaguing the trading card market is cash liquidity for ones collection.  Selling card collections usually means  not getting fair market value.  Our trading cards aim to solve this problem.  We believe our cards can disrupt the 4.2 billion annual trading card market.  




The nature of this project has tight Inventory controls, exact counts,  all packs will be randomized until we exhaust all card inventory.   Meaning ... you will find cards from different years together.  Any card from any year at any time or unless it  Good Hunting! 







Due to certain restrictions of Law.  Card valuation mechanism will be kept from public eye. Guarded as intellectual property and rights.    All project details will be put out to the public after our soon financial Audit



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